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Tooth pain

Back and neck pain

Joint pain
Phantom limb pain
Ebow pain
Shoulder pain
Knee pain

Restless leg disorder

Neurological conditions
Hot flashes
Female and male reproductive disorders

Sleep disorder
Gastro-intestinal disorders
Head aches (including migraine headaches)

Many acute and chronic health conditions successfully treated at Healing Flower include:

At Healing Flower Acupuncture & Longevity Medicine we combine the Traditional Chinese Science of Healing with some of the latest Western Medicine discoveries in Healthy Aging.

Our commitment is to honor the unique needs of each client, addressing your individual concerns as a whole person.
We strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing healing environment that meets both your physical and emotional needs.

Mark Flower L.Ac. is the founder of the Healing Flower.
His vision has always been to help his clients live longer, happier and more beautiful lives.

The scope of Mark’s expertise using TCM is broad.
Mei Zen Protocol will bring youthful vitality and radiance into your face and your neck and your belly. It will smooth or eliminate the wrinkles, improve the skin tone and help rebuild the lost collagen.

Mark's unique Acupuncture and Cupping method that he has developed over 15 years of practice augments the many lasting health benefits that acupuncture provides, often surpassing the expected ones.

He is also a recognized Pain Relief expert throughout Sonoma County and the S.F. Bay Area.
Mark’s Instant Pain Relief Method is an immensely effective way to lift debilitating physical pain within minutes.


NADA, The Acupuncture Detox Protocol helps with addictions of any kind. It produces great results and takes only 30-40 minutes per session.

Helping people live
Longer, Happier and More Beautiful Lives!

Acupuncture & Longevity Medicine 
New York City, Santa Rosa, CA
For an appointment call: 707.799.5212
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