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Instant Pain Relief and Ear Medicine

If you are in acute (or chronic) physical pain – our Instant Pain Relief method is unsurpassed.
Mark Flower, L.Ac. will lift your pain within minutes using Dr. Li Chun Huang’s Ear Medicine. Mark is one of the very few acupuncturists in North America certified in this amazing world-renowned healing modality.

NADA The Acupuncture Detox Protocol

​NADA the Acupuncture Detox Protcol, helps​ with addictions of any kind: sugar, food, nicotine, alcohol, pain killers… It can be used for weight loss and to help with insomnia, and most importantly, to relieve stress.

​The session takes about 30-40 minutes and is extremely effective.​

The Protocol works non verbally, with specific points in the ear.  It takes a person out of fight-or-flight nervous system response and  creates the feeling of safety, thus bringing the body into the mode of "rest, digest and heal."

The Protocol also releases endorphins that bring about the feeling of pleasure and peace.

NADA focuses on the organs that both filter and detoxify the internal environment of the body.
It works with specific organ points, namely: kidney, liver and lung.

These points bring the body back into balance and allow it to detoxify and repair.

The frequency of sessions depends on the level of addiction.

When using this protocol supplementation is very important and greatly improves the success rate.

New York City
For an appointment call: 707.799.5212
Acupuncture & Longevity Medicine 
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